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Sunglasses not up to scratch – Expert Reaction

Sarah-Jane O'Connor posted in on August 26th, 2016.

A new study suggests sunglasses’ UV filters need to be more rigorously tested as the current test is unrealistic, especially for people living in the Southern Hemisphere. The Brazilian-led research, published in Biomedical Engineering Online, found the ageing test used to determine safety standards for sunglasses was not sufficient to ensure protection for the average […]

Melanoma mutations vary North to South – In the News

John Kerr posted in on May 16th, 2016.

New Zealand has the highest rates of melanoma in the world but the underlying genetic changes behind these cancers vary considerably between the North and South islands, finds a new study. Researchers from the University of Otago analysed the DNA in tumour samples from 529 patients with metastatic melanoma, looking for genes linked to the […]

Kiwi teens sizzle in the sun – In the News

John Kerr posted in on March 31st, 2016.

New Zealand teens are shirking sun-smart clothing and the grown-ups looking after them are not doing much better, according to new research.  The findings come from a study in which researchers surreptitiously monitored the sun protection efforts of over 1,200 students and 200 adult supervisors at a Dunedin school sport day. The University of Otago […]

RadioNZ: Vitamin D no panacea – UK study

Peter Griffin posted in on December 20th, 2010.

A UK study has found that, while vitamin D is essential for good bone health, there is no evidence for for claims of some of its other benefits, including combating heart disease and cancer. Vitamin D is made by the body when skin is exposed to UV, and can also be found in some forms […]

New UK consensus on vitamin D – experts respond

Dacia Herbulock posted in on December 17th, 2010.

Earlier today, UK health charities launched a consensus position paper on vitamin D covering issues of sun exposure, cancer risk and dietary supplementation, recommending some exposure to midday sun. The paper also emphasised that evidence for additional health benefits for vitamin D beyond bone health (such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc) remain inconclusive, and […]

NZ Herald: How sunshine shapes your wine

Peter Griffin posted in on July 5th, 2010.

Jo Burzynska writes in the New Zealand Herald about research suggesting that the high levels of UV experienced by New Zealand could be a factor in the distinctive tastes of our wine. It might also boost the healthy-giving properties of wine by triggering vines to increase their production of  polyphenols, a natural antioxidant. An excerpt: […]

TVNZ/NZPA: Risks outweigh rewards in sunbed use

Peter Griffin posted in on April 14th, 2010.

New research shows that using sunbeds has more risks than benefits. The research, conducted by NIWA, showed that sunbed use exposes people to more UV radiation than natural sunlight, while at the same time not producing the same amounts of Vitamin D in users. An excerpt: (read in full here) “Researchers found the average UV […]

Dom Post: Little gadget that can protect against sun exposure

Peter Griffin posted in on April 9th, 2010.

Matt Calman writes in the Dominion Post about the development by Canterbury University computer engineer Matt Allen of a UV dosimeter that could help prevent skin cancer. The tiny device can be worn on the skin, and measures the amount of UV radiation being received by its wearer: interested in the dosimeter has come in […]

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