Dom Post: Little gadget that can protect against sun exposure

Matt Calman writes in the Dominion Post about the development by Canterbury University computer engineer Matt Allen of a UV dosimeter that could help prevent skin cancer.

The tiny device can be worn on the skin, and measures the amount of UV radiation being received by its wearer: interested in the dosimeter has come in from Europe, the US and Australia.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“The scientists are planning to develop a programme, using the device, for schools to help children learn about UV radiation – for example, how it is shielded by clothing and clouds – and to reinforce the importance of sunscreen and protection from the sun.

“But they would not be sold to the public with an alarm to act as a “cook-o-meter”, Dr Allen said. “The danger is … if someone wears [it] and they get burnt. That’s completely the wrong message. The Cancer Society would disown us.””