Video workshops

Producing short videos using the high-definition camera built into your smartphone or tablet has never been easier!

These workshops will teach you effective techniques to communicate your research to an online audience.

  • Create a video describing complex parts of your research to refer people to.
  • Learn how to document your research journey, so when it comes time to publicise your results (or how you got there), your multimedia is already to hand.

Our workshops are presented in collaboration with video producer Baz Caitcheon several times a year.

During 2020, we started offering Zoom workshops. Meet for four online classes, of one hour each.

  • Develop a video concept
  • Tips on the best ways to shoot and edit
  • Mentoring from Baz to help you produce your first science video
  • Learn how to publish and distribute your video content

We also offer advice to help researchers create animations or podcasts about their research.

The workshops are free to attend, but the application process is competitive – the best applicants will be selected based on the video concepts provided during application.

Here are some examples of videos made by researchers who have attended our science video workshops over the past three years.