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Rocket Lab achieves liftoff — Expert Reaction

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Rocket Lab launched its Electron rocket yesterday from the Māhia Peninsula.

#ItsaTest ©Rocket Lab

Despite not reaching orbit, the company announced it successfully made it to space, marking the first orbital-class rocket launched from a private launch site.

The SMC gathered expert reaction about the launch. Feel free to use these comments in your reporting.

Professor Richard Easther, Professor of Physics (and Head of Department) at the University of Auckland, comments:

“Yesterday’s launch was a remarkable milestone for Rocket Lab. Achieving orbit on the first try would be a fairytale result with any completely new launch vehicle and Rocket Lab came tantalizingly close to pulling this off. This will stand as a major accomplishment.

“For my part, I am truly excited about the impact of this on our wider STEM community. “Space” has an almost unique ability to inspire interest in science and if Rocket Lab develops a viable launch industry in New Zealand its impact will be extend far beyond the purely commercial benefits.”

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