Sanitised hands don’t stop sick days

Compared to good hand washing practice, using hand sanitisers does not reduce school sick leave in children, suggests New Zealand-led research published in PLOS Medicine this week.

Credit: CDC/ Amanda Mills
Credit: CDC/ Amanda Mills

The study, led by Associate Professor Patricia Priest and colleagues from the University of Otago, involved almost 2,500 pupils at 68 primary schools in Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill. As part of the study, the scientists split the schools into two experimental groups, and gave all the pupils in both groups a 30-minute lesson on hand-washing. The first group of schools then carried on as normal, while the second group had hand sanitisers installed in classrooms and the pupils were told to use them after coughing or sneezing and before they left the classroom for break or lunch.

After two terms, the researchers then compared the number and type (respiratory or gastrointestinal) of sick days in each group, but they did not find any significant difference. This suggests that using hand sanitisers is not as critical to preventing illness as previously thought. However, the researchers point out that the results may have been skewed by the fact that the study was carried out during the 2009 flu pandemic, a time at which public health messages about general hygiene may have promoted more heavily than usual.

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