New centre highlights advances in pest control

‘Next generation’ tools for the control of pests in New Zealand were unveiled yesterday at the opening of the The Centre for Wildlife Management and Conservation.

The Centre was officially opened yesterday by Dr Nick Smith, Minister for the Environment, bringing together researchers from universities, Crown Research Institutes (CRIs) and private companie.

New pest control tools highlighted at the opening included PAPP (para-aminopropiophenone), a low risk and humane toxin for killing stoats, and selective poison traps which detect the species of an approaching animal.

The Centre aims to preserve new Zealand’s biodiversity by reducing pest levels and effectively monitoring conservation efforts.

There are five innovative themes of research being advanced within the Centre:

  • New toxins in advanced delivery systems
  • Animal pest control without toxins- maximising trapping and new multi-kill traps
  • Advanced animal monitoring systems
  • Linking communities and technical advances for improved pest control
  • Delivery of local eradication and low population densities of multiple pests

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