Media Coverage: Cellphones “Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans”

The suggestion from a WHO task-force that cellphone exposure is “possibly carcinogenic”  has generated wide spread media buzz over the potential risks of mobile devices.

At 4am on Wednesday (NZ time) the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a subsidiary of the World Health Organization, released a monograph classifying exposure to mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, or in Group 2B by their classification system.

You can see the Science Media Centre’s expert analysis here.

Following the IARC’s announcement, the New Zealand media responded quickly, covering the issue from a range of angles.

Examples include:

The Press: Expert downplays cellphone’s cancer danger

New Zealand Herald: Cell phone use ‘possibly carcinogenic’

Otago Daily Times: WHO: cellphone-cancer link

Dominion Post: Research on mobile phone risks ‘consistently unclear’

Radio New Zealand: More research on mobile phone cancer link urged (via AP): Cellphones a ‘possible’ carcinogen – like coffee

TVNZ News: Warning on heath dangers of cellphones

TVNZ News (followup):  Study prompts NZ call for cellphone health warnings

TV3 News: Cellphones may cause cancer