3 News/NZPA: Call for earlier focus to help troubled youth

Professor Sir Peter Gluckman has said that we need to focus more on young children (under 6), as that is the period in which their ability to cope with life later on, is determined.

He also says that a more integrated approach is needed between health, education and social welfare, and that more targeted efforts should be aimed at those families most in need of help.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Sir Peter said investing more in the early years would save money in future through for example reduced crime and improved employment.

“A more integrated approach was also needed.

“”We have to get beyond silo-ridden discussions between health, education, social welfare. This requires integrated learning approach of evaluating programmes as we trial them.

“”But fundamentally, we need to think about the fact that the ability to learn these skills of how to cope in society, requires high quality preschool and early school education.””