NZ Herald: System hailed as boon to detect leaky buildings

Anne Gibson writes in the New Zealand Herald about a sensor, developed by an Auckland University scientist, which is able to measure wall moisture content.

The sensors, which could transmit data wirelessly, could be used to determine where leaks are ocurring and how sever they are, allowing them to be repaired.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Dr Berber said homeowners, building inspectors or leaky-building specialists could get immediate data about where water was penetrating and its effects on a building via his system, which could be used on houses and commercial buildings and in mining, agriculture, sports, education and medicine.

“He has worked with researchers from the department to develop the system, under which up to 50 nodes are installed in a building to pick up moisture content and temperatures.

“The wireless system allows the nodes to communicate with each other, continuously sending out the information.”