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Lifestyle factors drive global stroke cost – Expert reaction

John Kerr posted in on June 10th, 2016.

Over 90 percent of the death and disability caused by stroke is linked to modifiable risk factors, finds a new global study lead by a Kiwi. The authors of the new research, published in The Lancet Neurology, say that taxation could be the key to lowering these risk factors and decreasing the global burden of […]

Should NZ copy the UK sugar tax? – Expert reaction

John Kerr posted in on March 17th, 2016.

The UK have announced plans to introduce a tax on sugary drinks. Should New Zealand follow suit? In the newly announced 2016 Budget, the UK Government outlines plans to “introduce a new soft drinks industry levy to help tackle childhood obesity, by incentivising companies to reduce the sugar in the drinks they sell, to fund […]

Food taxes and subsidies could improve health – experts respond

John Kerr posted in on December 12th, 2012.

Taxes on fizzy drinks and foods high in saturated fats and subsidies for fruit and vegetables could lead to better diets and improve overall population health, according to a study from New Zealand experts. Researchers from the University of Auckland and the University of Otago, Wellington conducted a comprehensive review of modelling studies investigating the association between food […]

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