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Mining expert David Cliff arrives at Pike River

Peter Griffin posted in on December 1st, 2010.

Australian mining expert David Cliff has arrived at the Pike River site, as work continues to try and recover the miners’ bodies. The gag engine, a modified jet engine brought over to try put out the fire burning inside by the mine by pumping in inert, non-flammable gases and starving the fire of oxygen, is […]

Newsletter Digest: Mining disaster, COP16 and PM’s Science Prize winners

Peter Griffin posted in on November 26th, 2010.

Science helps make sense of Pike River A number of science-related angles to the Pike River mining disaster emerged during extended media coverage over the past week — from the chemical make-up of the atmosphere in the mine before and after the explosion, to the robotic technology used in the ill-fated rescue attempt, to the […]

Experts on potential techniques to stabilise Pike River

Peter Griffin posted in on November 25th, 2010.

UPDATED: Further explosions in the Pike River mine are possible as a volatile mix of gases prevents a rescue crew from entering the mine to retrieve the bodies of the miners who are presumed dead following a second massive explosion yesterday. A number of “inertisation” technologies, such as liquid nitrogen vapourisation are being considered to […]

Trauma expert on what Pike River miners’ families now face

Peter Griffin posted in on November 24th, 2010.

A second explosion at the Pike River mine this afternoon ended all hope of the 29 missing miners being rescued. A small West Coast community will now face the task of recovering and rebuilding following a disaster of devastating proportions. The Science Media Centre asked trauma and disaster recovery experts to comment on the challenges […]

Media coverage: Robots deployed in Pike River mine

Peter Griffin posted in on November 24th, 2010.

Three robots may soon be involved in the Pike River mine disaster – an unprecedented number. The first robot, which stalled yesterday due to water damage, was restarted this morning, and managed to travel a kilometre into the mine before running out of batteries.  Before doing so, it captured footage of the helmet of one […]

Experts: Multiple use of mine rescue robots unprecedented

Peter Griffin posted in on November 24th, 2010.

UPDATE: This morning’s news conference revealed new information about the use of robots in the research and rescue effort underway at the Pike River mine. – The adapted bomb disposal robot that intially broke down 550m up the mine tunnel was able to be reactivated and has progressed to the 1000m point in the tunnel. […]

Mine CCTV footage – what it may tell us

Peter Griffin posted in on November 24th, 2010.

CCTV video footage taken from a camera at the entrance to the Pike River mine was released last night and shows the impact of the pressure wave that resulted from the explosion deep within the mine. The 52-second piece of footage can be viewed on most news websites including TV3 and Stuff. The Science Media […]

Experts on effectiveness of robots in mine rescue operations

Peter Griffin posted in on November 23rd, 2010.

A military robot sent into the Pike River mine to survey conditions has broken down, mine officials confirmed at a press conference this morning. The multi-purpose robot carried four cameras, which it was hoped would return images to engineers of the mine’s interior. Officials said the robot had stalled a short distance into the mine. […]

Pike River: Experts on explosion, conditions in the mine, rescue efforts

Peter Griffin posted in on November 22nd, 2010.

Drilling continues at the Pike River mine as engineers create a 162-metre deep bore hole through to the mine shaft which they will use to take more air quality measurements and to lower a camera to try and see inside the mine. The Science Media Centre received the following questions from journalists over the weekend […]

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