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HPV screening for cervical cancer – Expert Reaction

Sarah-Jane O'Connor posted in on September 20th, 2017.

An Australian study has found that human papillomavirus (HPV) testing detects a higher number of precancerous cervical lesions than traditional Pap smears. Many countries are considering switching from the classic Pap smear to HPV testing for cervical cancer screening. From 2018, New Zealand’s National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) will change the first step in the screening […]

Changes to cervical cancer screening – Expert Reaction

Sarah-Jane O'Connor posted in on September 14th, 2016.

From 2018, women will begin cervical screening at age 25 – instead of 20 – based on evidence that suggests screening younger women does more harm than good. The Ministry of Health announced the change today, with clinical director of the National Screening Unit Dr Jane O’Hallahan saying the human papillomavirus (HPV) causes more than 90 […]

Manawatu Standard: The war against cervical cancer

Peter Griffin posted in on April 29th, 2010.

Janine Rankin writes in the Manawatu Standard about the importance of detection and prevention of cervical cancer. New Zealand’s ability to do so has improved recently due to more accurate smear tests which are able to test for the HPV virus at the same time, and professional are also urging young women to be vaccinated. […]

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