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The Press: Whose fault is it anyway? The scientists remain divided

Peter Griffin posted in on January 27th, 2011.

Paul Gorman writes about the divergent views of scientists regarding whether or not faults lie directly beneath the gravels of Christchurch. While the recent aftershocks in Christchurch are helping to fill in the picture better, GNS has said that there is, as yet, no solid proof that this might be the case. An excerpt: (read […]

Media coverage: how earthquake-proof are our cities?

Peter Griffin posted in on December 10th, 2010.

Yesterday, the SMC held an online briefing in which geologist Martha Savage and engineer Andy Buchanan explained how ‘seismic design’ has developed over the years in NZ, how earthquake-proof our buildings and cities are, and talked about the September 4 Darfield earthquake. Amongst topics discussed: the fact that no one was killed in the Darfield […]

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