The Press: Whose fault is it anyway? The scientists remain divided

Paul Gorman writes about the divergent views of scientists regarding whether or not faults lie directly beneath the gravels of Christchurch.

While the recent aftershocks in Christchurch are helping to fill in the picture better, GNS has said that there is, as yet, no solid proof that this might be the case.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Natural hazards research manager Dr Kelvin Berryman said there was no proof yet. An onshore and offshore seismic survey that would reveal the truth would cost about $1 million.

“The Boxing Day aftershocks and Tuesday’s magnitude-4.0 shake were helping build the picture.

“”As that new data has come in, we certainly think there are features under Christchurch. There are earthquakes under Christchurch which could be interpreted as an extension of the Greendale Fault, or something with some orientation not dissimilar,” he said. “I wouldn’t necessarily want to draw a straight line through the city, but with Boxing Day and [Tuesday morning], we are looking to replot things.””