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Further Q&A from earthquake engineers

John Kerr posted in on March 12th, 2012.

Following from last month’s SMC Q&A with earthquake engineers, we have several more earthquake related questions answered by a panel of expert engineers. The engineers include John Hare, president of the Structural Engineering Society, Win Clark, executive officer at the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, Mark Batchelar a consultant engineer and earthquake engineering expert […]

Earthquakes: What can Australia Learn from NZ?

John Kerr posted in on May 17th, 2011.

The Christchurch February 22 earthquake has awakened New Zealand to the importance of earthquake prepared buildings, but will Australia learn from our experience? Jason Ingham, Associate Professor of Structural Engineering at University of Auckland, writes his plea for awareness across the ditch in an article for the Australian science website The Conversation. An excerpt (read […]

How long to search for survivors? – A review of evidence from Haiti’s quake

Dacia Herbulock posted in on February 28th, 2011.

In an effort to assist New Zealand-based rescue efforts, the journal Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness has published a series of open-access articles reviewing evidence from Haiti’s 2010 earthquake and other recent seismic disasters. The featured article, ‘Survival interval in earthquake entrapments‘ focuses on aiding decision-makers faced with the difficult task of weighing the […]

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