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Arsenic-eating bacteria expand scope of what life could be

Peter Griffin posted in on December 3rd, 2010.

NASA researchers have discovered a strain of bacteria in a lake in California that uses arsenic as one of its nutrients, increasing the potential for finding new forms of life on Earth and beyond. The scientists, who today published their research in the journal Science, say the discovery shows the potential for life beyond the […]

Kiwi industry threatened by vine disease

Peter Griffin posted in on November 22nd, 2010.

Both local and national eyes are closely trained on kiwifruit orchards in New Zealand, with the news that some have been infected by Pseudomonas syringae pv actinidiae (PSA), a vine-killing disease. The disease is caused by a bacterium (PSA) which can be spread through the air and on equipment.  Fears have arisen that the infection […]

Southland Times: After the doctor created life the bacterium’s offspring took over

Peter Griffin posted in on May 26th, 2010.

Joe Bennett writes in an opinion piece in the Southland Times about Craig Venter’s recent creation of a functional synthetic genome, pointing out that those who would like to curtail any further such research are unlikely to be successful. An excerpt: (read in full here) “The consequences of Dr Venter’s actions will be terrifying. Our […]

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