No ‘silver bullet’ for agricultural emissions – In the News

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright released her latest report on Wednesday, this time turning her attention to the issue of agricultural greenhouse gases.

Cattle in a Golden DawnMethane and nitrous oxide – dubbed the biological greenhouse gases – make up about half New Zealand’s total emissions, Dr Wright said. If New Zealand had a chance of meeting the emissions reductions pledged in Paris last year, “the next few decades will be crucial,” she said in a media release. “It’s time to join forces and make some progress”.

Dr Wright outlined several promising avenues for reducing methane and nitrous oxide emissions – including a methane vaccine – but suggested an immediate opportunity was in native and plantation forestry, particularly allowing marginal land to revert to native vegetation.

‘It might not be the whole solution, but a million hectares of trees would make a big difference – not to mention the added benefits for erosion and water quality.”

The report, a media release and FAQ are available on the PCE’s website.

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