Everyday chemicals could trigger cancer when mixed

Mixtures of common chemicals used in our environment may act in concert with each other in the human body to cause the development of cancer, suggests new research published this week in the journal Carcinogenesis.

Credit: Flickr/Julia P
Credit: Flickr/Julia P

The international consortium of researchers – including a New Zealander – identified 50 chemicals that were not thought to be carcinogenic on their own at low doses but were seen to trigger cancer-related processes in the body.

They suggest that these chemicals may be capable of acting together to cause cancer.

Dr Linda Gulliver, who worked on the study, told the Otago Daily Times that further research would reveal more information around ”which mixture of chemicals could be problematic, what do we find them in, how can we test them now, as chemical mixtures rather than individual chemicals, and what will that do to drive regulations”.

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