Your science in 90 seconds

A lot of science can be communicated in 90 seconds, which is why the SMC is helping researchers sum up their work quickly and clearly – on video.

Around 60 scientists throughout the country have so far participated in Science Media SAVVY Express, which sees the SMC video crew descend on science conferences, recording short interviews with conference attendees.

Over the course of 15 minute training sessions, we refine the interviews with helpful pointers and feedback from our team. The final video then becomes the scientist’s video calling card, something that can be embedded on a website or hosted on a Youtube channel.

The mainstream media is increasingly looking for video clips they can use to form part of an editorial package and the 90 second video is a popular format for social media and video platforms.

“We’ve had everyone from Distinguised Professor Peter Hunter through to science masters students get the Express treatment,” says SMC Manager Peter Griffin.

“It is amazing how with a bit of coaching over 15 minutes, a scientist can develop their message into something that can become a defining statement about their work and where they are going.”

Science Media SAVVY Express complements the SMC’s longer media training courses. We’ll be heading around the country throughout the year visiting more science conferences. If you’d like us to attend your conference to offer SAVVY Express training, contact the SMC.

Visit the Science Media SAVVY Express Youtube channel

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