NZ startup creates 3D-printed, battery-powered rocket engine

Rocket Lab, the Auckland-based aerospace company, unveiled its latest innovation at the US Space Symposium this week: a 3D-printed, battery-powered rocket engine.

The Rutherford engine. Source: Rocket Lab
The Rutherford engine. Source: Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab founder and chief executive Peter Beck says that the Rutherford engine – named after New Zealand physicist Ernest Rutherford – is the world’s first battery-powered rocket engine and the first new rocket propulsion system created in 50 years, according to

Traditional rocket engines, such as jet engines, use an expensive and complex gas turbine to help pump the fuel. Rocket Lab has replaced that with electric motors, software and batteries, resulting in a Coke can-sized canister with a super high-speed electric motor that helps pump liquid oxygen fuel into the ignition chamber.

The fact that parts of the engine are 3D-printed also makes it much cheaper and quicker to build.

Rutherford will power Rocket Lab’s carbon-composite rocket, the Electron. Unveiled in 2014 but yet to be launched, the 18-metre-long rocket has been designed to reduce the total time it takes to launch a satellite into orbit from years to just weeks. The rocket is expected to cost less than US$5 million (NZ$6.7m), making space more accessible.

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