Sheepdogs round up the rules for crowd control

Scientists have found two simple rules behind how sheepdogs manage to round up and move sheep so efficiently, which they hope can be used in designing robots for crowd control or environmental cleanup.

Sheep wearing GPS packs
Credit: A. J. Morton

The study, published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface this week, involved strapping backpacks with GPS units to sheepdogs and sheep and then feeding the data into a computer simulation to create a mathematical ‘shepherding’ model.

The researchers saw, for the first time, that sheepdogs use just two rules: to collect the sheep when they’re dispersed and drive them forward when they’re aggregated. Once they had got this elusive knowledge, they were then able to make a single shepherd herd over 100 individuals in the model.

“If you watch sheepdogs rounding up sheep, the dog weaves back and forth behind the flock in exactly the way that we see in the model,” Dr Andrew King, of Swansea University, said in a press release.

Daniel Strömbom, of Uppsala University, explains, “At every time step in the model, the dog decides if the herd is cohesive enough or not. If not cohesive, it will make it cohesive, but if it’s already cohesive the dog will push the herd towards the target.”

King adds, “There are numerous applications for this knowledge, such as crowd control, cleaning up the environment, herding of livestock, keeping animals away from sensitive areas, and collecting or guiding groups of exploring robots.”

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