Audio: Science advice in situations of crisis

A panel discussion at the inaugural Science Advice to Governments conference in Auckland, 28-29 August, 2014.

Science Advice in Situations of Crisis panel

crisis photo Speakers:

Chair: Anne Glover – Chief Science Advisor to President, European Commission

Yuko Harayama – Executive Member of Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Cabinet Office of Japan

Andreas Hensel – President, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment

Lourdes Cruz – President, National Research Council for Philippines

Mary O’Kane – Chief Scientist, NSW, Australia

Session description:

Examples such as SARS, bird flu and natural/industrial disasters provide opportunities for science advisors not only to help provide strategic direction to governments, but also to play a key role in public outreach and risk communication. Participating countries will share ideas from national experience and models of advising in the context of public crises.

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