Hamilton’s fluoride furore makes a splash

The Hamilton City Council’s decision to remove fluoride from the water supply has sparked a flurry of nationwide reporting and condemnation from heath experts.

Fluoridation ConsternationYou can read more about the council’s decision, background information on fluoridation and comments from experts on the issue, here.

The extensive nationwide media coverage includes:

Waikato Times: ‘Absolutely gutless’: Collins slams Hamilton over fluoride
Ashburton Guardian Online: Fluoride call ‘disappointing’
TVNZ News: More councils consider removing fluoride from water
New Zealand Herald: Editorial: Vote to ditch fluoridation defies all logic
New Zealand Herald: First water objectors considered ‘nutters’
New Zealand Herald: Jonathan Broadbent: For fluoride
New Zealand Herald: Mary Byrne: Against fluoride
Hamilton News: Hamilton City water to be fluoride free
TVNZ News: Fluoride in drinking water helps protect teeth – experts
Radio Rhema: Dentists say anti-fluoridation will harm children
RadioLIVE: Anti-Fluoride campaigner happy with Hamilton decision
TVNZ News: Health experts slam Hamilton’s fluoride decision
Waatea News: Fluoride vote a blow for Hamilton Maori
Newstalk ZB: Fluoride should remain in water
New Zealand Herald: Should fluoride be added to water?
TVNZ News: Expert disappointed by fluoride decision
Newstalk ZB: Angela Hair: Debate on flouride in tap water
MSN News NZ: Hamilton joins anti-fluoridation trend
Waikato Times: ‘Hamilton is going to regret this’: Council to stop fluoride
3 News: What are the pros and cons of fluoride?
Radio New Zealand: Councils reluctant to make fluoride decisions
TVNZ News: Hamilton fluoride decision slammed by doctors
New Zealand Herald: Health advocates rue city’s decision to drop fluoride
Yahoo! NZ News: Anti-fluoride campaigners move on to next city
Newstalk ZB: Anti-fluoride campaigners move on to the next
Yahoo! NZ News: No more fluoride for Hamilton taps
Radio New Zealand: Hamilton to end water fluoridation
Newstalk ZB: Vote removes Fluoride from Hamilton’s water supply
TVNZ News: Fluoride to be removed from Hamilton’s water supply
RadioLIVE: Hamilton Council water fluoridation decision baffles
Newstalk ZB: Dr Felicity Dumble: Fluoride to go from Hamilton’s water
RadioLIVE: Fluoride to be removed from Hamilton’s water supply