Pink terraces discovery confirmed

There has been a swathe of media coverage in the wake of the announcement that GNS Science has gleaned further details of the once famed Pink and White Terraces, now buried below lake Rotomahana.

Using sonar and seismic surveys of the lake floor researchers have found more evidence of the Terraces which were buried in the 1886 eruption of Mount Tarawera. You can find out more on the GNS website and in the video at right.

After the initial discovery of the terrace remains last year, media interest was reignited this month by a new mapping project at Rotomahana. The research has received steady news coverage over the last two weeks, culminating on Friday when GNS Science held a press briefing at Te Papa to release their latest results.

Examples of the resulting media coverage include:

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Rotorua Daily Post: Pink Terraces survived eruption

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