PODCAST: Future of Coal in New Zealand – audio

Recordings from a day-long symposium on the Future of coal in New Zealand, hosted by VUW Institute of Policy Studies, 17 May 2011.

Dr Mike Isaac – GNS Science geologist
“New Zealand coal resources in an international context”:

Dr Geoff Bertram – economist at Institute of Policy Studies, VUW
“Coal: The New Zealand policy context – key issues”:

Dr James Hansen, Columbia University, NASA Goddard
“Coal in a carbon-constrained world”

Rob Funnell – GNS Science, CO2CRC
“The potential for geological sequestration of CO2: Opportunities for NZ and its energy sector”:

Carolyn van Leuven and Nathan Bittle – Ministry of Economic Development
“Challenges facing the construction of CCS policy and regulatory settings”

Dr Shannon Page – Lincoln University
Discussion and Q&A session on carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Dr Don Elder, Chief Executive of Solid Energy
“An Industry perspective”

Dr Jan Wright, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment
“Lignite and climate change: The high cost of low-grade coal”