NZ Herald: Chris de Freitas – Emotion clouding underlying science of global warming

Environmental scientist Chris de Freitas writes, in an opinion piece in the New Zealand Herald, about the confusion around global warming and the science behind it.

He discusses the viewpoints held by people on both sides of the argument, but agrees with the ‘skeptics’ who are doubtful that dangerous global warming is occurring.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Most people are not shocked to learn that global warming discussions evoke polarised views, but many are surprised to discover that the scientific basics are not contentious. An awareness of these is helpful in building an understanding of the extent to which there is a problem and how it might be addressed.

“The role of negative feedback processes are played down by global warming alarmists, whereas sceptics point to the four-billion-year-old global climate record that shows runaway global cooling or warming has never occurred because negative feedbacks regulate the global climate system.”