NZ Herald: Crystal ball gazing into 2011

An article in the Herald on Sunday looks forward into 2011, making predictions about a range of subjects from science and technology, to sport and entertainment.

Gadgets such as the Yike-Bike and the iPad get a mention, as does Living Cell Technologies for its research in diabetes treatment.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Scientists must hate Archimedes. Most “eureka” moments come after years of hard graft, not leaping into a bath then running down the street naked with the problem solved. This year’s breakthrough scientific developments have been bubbling away for a while and are reaching exciting new stages.

“Living Cell Technologies is set to enter phase three in its pig-cell transplant trials. Cells from pigs are implanted into the abdomen of diabetes patients and regulate the levels of insulin in the patient’s body, reducing diabetes sufferers’ dependence on insulin injections. Last month, the treatment was registered in Russia as a marketable medical technology, meaning it can now be sold to patients. The company is also developing the technology to treat neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease.”