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Reconciling cold weather and global warming

John Kerr posted in on August 21st, 2011.

Writing in the Dominion Post Weekend paper, Michael Forbes looks at the connections between the recent chilly weather and climate change.  An excerpt (read in full here): NZ can expect more big snowstorms You might have had better luck selling ice to eskimos than peddling global warming theory on the streets of Wellington this week. […]

Controversy over climate change course

John Kerr posted in on July 18th, 2011.

A University lecturer may be stretching academic freedom too far when it comes to examining climate change in his classes. Writing for the Weekend Herald, Chris Barton reports on Associate Professor Chris de Freitas, an Auckland academic whose teachings on climate change have been labelled as unbalanced by other climate scientists. The story is covered […]

NZ Herald – Chris de Freitas: Flood prediction fraught with uncertainty

Peter Griffin posted in on January 25th, 2011.

In an opinion piece in the New Zealand Herald, Chris de Freitas of the University of Auckland explains why the six primary strategies used to deal with vulnerability to floods are all problematic. He explains why one cannot simply assume a 50 year flood (for example) happens every 50 years, and asks whether climate change […]

NZ Herald: Chris de Freitas – Emotion clouding underlying science of global warming

Peter Griffin posted in on January 5th, 2011.

Environmental scientist Chris de Freitas writes, in an opinion piece in the New Zealand Herald, about the confusion around global warming and the science behind it. He discusses the viewpoints held by people on both sides of the argument, but agrees with the ‘skeptics’ who are doubtful that dangerous global warming is occurring. An excerpt: […]

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