NZ Herald: Anthony Doesburg – Crime sleuths separate forensics

Anthony Doesburg writes in the New Zealand Herald about the differences between real-world and television-based forensics.

Local forensic scientist Anna Sandiford says that while such shows have opened up science for more people, they are often absolutely unrealistic, particularly in terms of the process of forensic science.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“That doesn’t stop Sandiford, of Auckland company Forensic Science and Research, from snorting at some of what she sees on TV. A recent episode of Bones in which an explosion is being investigated is typical.

“”They prance into the scene without face masks, hair nets, body suits or even gloves and pick up the key piece of evidence that solves the whole crime. They haven’t photographed it in situ, or there’s no scale if they do take photographs – and then they walk out saying they’ve solved it.””