Business Day: Healing drug might be on sale by 2013

James Weir writes in Business Day about a new wound-care drug, called Nexagon, which prevents damaged cells communicating their damage to other cells, thus preventing damage from spreading.

The drug was co-invented by Auckland University researcher Colin Green, and could be available by 2013.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“The drug, called Nexagon, is being developed by CoDa Therapeutics, a company with operations in both New Zealand and the United States. The company needs to raise another US$25 million (NZ$37m) to continue clinical trials for the drug on hundreds of patients, in the process to get US government approvals.

“CoDa chief executive Brad Duft said yesterday the phase two trials were an “important milestone” and they would move to phase three testing in future. The phase two trial was done on 98 patients and an independent consultant said the results were “extremely exciting”.”