Manawatu Standard: Study: Pregnant women need to boost vitamins

Marika Hill writes in the Manawatu Standard about research from Massey University which suggests that pregnant women should take multivitamins in order to ensure that their babies do not suffer from vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin deficiencies in the womb can have negative effects on babies’ development, and babies whose mothers are vitamin deficient are more likely to be born underweight.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“A clinical trial was conducted on 400 pregnant women from a disadvantaged area of London, led by lecturer in human nutrition Louise Brough.

“Babies born from mothers with vitamin deficiencies were more likely to be underweight.

“These babies are at greater risk of developing cardiovascular problems, diabetes and high blood pressure later in life.

“Even though the study was undertaken in a deprived area, a quarter of women studied were considered affluent. Dr Brough said she was surprised to find vitamin deficiencies across all women, regardless of socio-economic status.”