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Scientists: lack of funding pushing young scientists overseas

John Kerr posted in on September 8th, 2011.

An open letter signed by 560 researchers is calling on the government to provide better funding to keep young scientists in New Zealand. In the letter, addressed to Wayne Mapp, Minister of Science and Innovation, the authors express concern over the lack of research money available to young scientists beginning their careers. They pointed out […]

HRC funds the wellbeing of New Zealand

John Kerr posted in on July 20th, 2011.

Millions of dollars are being invested into the health of  New Zealander’s through the government funding body, the Health Research Council. Yesterday the Health Research Council (HRC) announced the recipients of funding from the latest funding round. A grand total of $74.56 Million was allocated to 52 separate projects to be undertaken in universities, research […]

Experts Respond: The 2011 Australian federal budget

John Kerr posted in on May 11th, 2011.

The Australian government has announced the 2011 federal budget, revealing that several proposed cuts to science and research funding have not be undertaken. Our colleagues at the AusSMC have contacted experts for comment on the financial situation presented by the budget, available below. Further comments on the 2011 Budget can be found at The Conversation. […]

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