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NZ Herald: Map faults before rebuild – geologist

Peter Griffin posted in on March 3rd, 2011.

Isaac Davison writes in the New Zealand Herald about advice from a geologist saying that the faults underlying the Canterbury Plains need to be understood and mapped before the rebuilding of Christchurch begins. Other unknown faults such as those which caused the Darfield and Christchurch earthquakes could lie under the city, but an ultrasound-like image […]

Meat ‘gassing’ – what are the facts?

Peter Griffin posted in on February 7th, 2011.

News reports within the last day or two have revealed that some of New Zealand’s meat undergoes a process called ‘gas flushing’, in which carbon dioxide and oxygen are pumped into meat packaging to significantly lengthen the meat’s shelf-life. Meats which have undergone the process, also called Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), are not currently labelled […]

NZ Herald: Kiwi software tracked Oz floods

Peter Griffin posted in on January 17th, 2011.

Cristopher Adams writes in the New Zealand Herald about the New Zealand-designed software platform which was used to generate the 3D simulations of the Brisbane floods used by news broadcasters. The simulated maps were generated a week before the floods, and were created using both high-resolution aerial photography, and also airborne laser scanning. An excerpt: […]

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