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Genetic modification explained

Peter Griffin posted in on September 19th, 2008.

Genetic modification (GM) is the alteration of the genome of a plant or animal by the addition of new genetic material. It underlies the concept of transgenics, in which an organism is modified to incorporate new genes that lead to new characteristics, such as the production of proteins for human health, or the expression of […]

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Crop & Food and Hortresearch to merge

Peter Griffin posted in on August 25th, 2008.

News wrap NBR: Crop & Food, Hortresearch to merge TV3: Crop and Food and Hortresearch to merge The Press: Paying more for NZ quality

Proposed Hortresearch/ Crop & Food merger

Peter Griffin posted in on August 14th, 2008.

New Zealand Herald: Merger plan for agriculture research institutes Stuff: Go ahead for science merger bid Radio New Zealand: Merger mooted TV3: Two state science companies eye merger for better critical mass TVNZ: Research merger proposed

BREAKING NEWS: HortResearch / Crop & Food proposed merger

Peter Griffin posted in on August 13th, 2008.

HortResearch and Crop & Food, two of New Zealand’s nine Crown Research Institutes are investigating a possible merger. Both organisations work closely with a range of sectors including the horticulture, food and seafood industries, and have complementary areas of expertise. A final decision will be made by the shareholding Ministers in late September. View press […]

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