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Could a couple of beers a day damage your brain? – Expert Reaction

Sarah-Jane O'Connor posted in on June 7th, 2017.

Just a couple of stubbies a night, or a glass or two of wine, could be damaging your brain, say UK researchers, though independent experts caution the study can’t show cause-and-effect. Studying the cognitive capabilities of people over 30 years, the scientists found moderate drinking – 14 – 21 units of alcohol a week – may […]

Caffeine boosts long-term memory – experts respond

Peter Griffin posted in on January 13th, 2014.

UK SMC: Scientists published in Nature Neuoscience today have concluded that caffeine enhances long-term memory by improving the process of memory consolidation. Read a report on the findings from National Geographic. Our colleagues at the Science Media Centre in London rounded up reaction to the research from UK-based experts. Dr Ashok Jansari, Reader in Cognitive Neuropsychology, […]

BPA, brain and behaviour – experts respond

John Kerr posted in on May 28th, 2013.

A study published this week in the journal PNAS finds that mice exposed to prenatal BPA exhibit changes in brain gene expression and increase in anxiety related behaviours. The study claims that the mice were given a dose of BPA that is comparable to human exposure. BPA is found in many plastics including bottles and […]

East & Bays Courier: Scientist has stem cells on the brain

Peter Griffin posted in on August 11th, 2010.

Sarah Moyes writes in the East & Bays Courier about neuroscientist Bronwen Connor, who is researching adult stem cells in the brain. The brain produces adult stem cells to aid in repair – it is hoped a better understanding of how these cells work, what could go wrong with them, and what triggers them, to […]

Great minds come together at brain research retreat

Peter Griffin posted in on September 4th, 2009.

The 27th Australasian Winter Conference on Brain Research (AWCBR) was held this week in Queenstown. Dr Fabiana Kubke, of the University of Auckland’s School of Medical Sciences, attended the conference, and reports on some of the highlights of the research being presented. As it does every year, the AWCBR brought together a large group of […]

‘Sex-biases’ in the brain

Dacia Herbulock posted in on April 7th, 2009.

New Zealand researchers studying the complex interplay of sex hormones, behaviour and the brain have found new evidence for the role of hormones in influencing typical male and female behavioural traits. University of Otago neurobiologists Associate Professor Ian McLennan and Dr Kyoko Koishi’s findings are published today in the prestigious journal PNAS (Proceedings of the […]

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