12-month deadline to strengthen earthquake-prone buildings -In the News

The Government will put up $3 million to strengthen unreinforced masonry on earthquake-prone buildings in Wellington, Lower Hutt and Marlborough following the November 14 Kaikoura earthquake.

Allan Bergman, Flickr

Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith announced the fund on Wednesday, which would force the owners of about 300 buildings to strengthen unreinforced facades and parapets within 12 months. At an estimated cost of $20-30,000 per building, 50 per cent of the costs will be met by government and local councils.

The decision was based on a report provided by the NZ Society of Earthquake Engineering in December. The society’s president, Peter Smith, told the Dominion Post that the industry should have the workforce to accommodate the tight deadline, with less urgent work bumped to the back of the queue and work beginning as soon as possible.

Peter Smith told Radio NZ that the aim was not to frighten people, “but there is a heightened period of risk and that…has the potential for causing loss of life and we think that’s appropriate to take these measures”.

In the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, 39 people were killed and 100 injured because of unsecured masonry.

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