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The science of a predator-free NZ – In the News

Posted in In the News on July 27th, 2016.

The Government’s announcement to aim for a ‘predator-free New Zealand’ by 2050 has been widely covered by media – both here at home and internationally – this week.

Possum Headshot at NightWhile the initial announcement made a splash in both local and international media, now the question is: how might such an ambitious plan be pulled off?

Self-resetting traps, genetic engineering, audio lures for stoats: a variety of possible technologies have been raised by New Zealand scientists.

Media coverage of pest control technologies includes:

RadioLive: Genetic Engineering an effective weapon in the war on pests
Radio NZ: Could audio be the answer to NZ’s pest problems? The technology behind plans for a predator-free New Zealand
NZ Geographic: Predator-free Aotearoa: a guide
TVNZ: Govt funding and private investment being used to make NZ predator free by 2050 The science behind a predator-free NZ

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