Govt’s predator-free pledge – In the News

The Government announced today an ambitious target to make New Zealand predator free by 2050.

possumPrime Minister John Key made the announcement in Wellington’s Zealandia wildlife sanctuary, echoing the call that physicist Sir Paul Callaghan made shortly before his death in 2012.

Key said the Government would invest $28 million over four years to establish a joint venture company: Predator Free New Zealand Ltd. It would be running by early 2017 and focus on identifying large, high-value predator control programmes and attracting co-investors.

A mid-goal of 2025 was set to have all introduced predators eradicated from offshore island nature reserves and suppression of predators across 1 million hectares of mainland New Zealand.

The announcement was widely covered by New Zealand media:

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It was also picked up by international media, including:

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