Dunedin’s International Science Festival – In the News

Dunedin has once again played host to the International Science Festival, which comes to town every two years bringing scientists and science fans together.

CaptureThe festival finishes on July 16, but this week has sparked a range of media coverage of the events. Sessions included concussions in sport, 3D technology, women in science and a visit from submarine designer Lucy Collins.

Science festival coverage included:

Otago Daily Times: Ear on arm, for art
New Zealand Herald: Stelarc gets third ear all in the name of art
Newshub: Artists lends extra ear to body art criticism
Radio NZ: The man who grew an ear on his arm
Otago Daily Times: Good mouthful of science
Radio NZ: Lucy Collins: Designer in the deep
Otago Daily Times: Dunedin teen gets bionic arm
Radio NZ: Dr Dava Newman: Humans on Mars
Otago Daily Times: Mars mission will be ‘global’