Scientists examine colossal squid at Te Papa

Scientists from Te Papa and AUT University have dissected a colossal squid, streamed live online earlier today, to find out more about this rare creature. 

This colossal squid and the specimen already on display at Te Papa are the only two of their kind ever caught intact. Scientists have hardly ever come across large colossal squid specimens in good condition, so this latest example has caused great excitement.

“We know very little about colossal squids. They live in the very deep ocean so there’s not much opportunity for scientists to encounter them or learn about what they eat or what eats it,” Te Papa senior curator Susan Waugh tells TVNZ.

Te Papa’s Susan Waugh and Aaron Boyd-Evans from AUT are both graduates of the SMC’s Science Media SAVVY programme.

Watch the video (3.5hrs) below or on Te Papa’s YouTube channel, or read more about the colossal squid in Te Papa’s blog feed.