Meeting has obesity in the crosshairs

Experts gathering in Auckland this week have one health concern firmly in their sights: Australasia’s obesity epidemic.

The  Australia and New Zealand Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting is designed to bring together clinicians, scientists, policy makers and patients to work toward an integrated approach to improve the management and prevention of obesity in Australasia, and is taking place over the next three days in Auckland.

The Science Media Centre held a briefing with some of the delegates, which you can view here.

The media have reported on several research findings presented at the meeting, and more coverage can be expected over the next few days.

Examples include:

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3 News: Veges: Kids eat more when given more || Dominion Post:  Children Inherit Mums’ Weight Problems Sneaky veges boost kids’ nutrition || NZ Herald: Pregnant women warned against ‘eating for two’

NZ Herald: Researchers probe benefits of babies serving themselves

3 News: Eating habits influenced by more than cost ||  MSN News: First-borns more prone to obesity: expert

Yahoo news: Eating habits influenced by more than cost ||  3 News: Polynesian kids down more soft drinks

Dominion Post: Junk Food Marketing to Kids is Unethical

TVNZ: Elaine Rush & Barbara Rolls [One News bulletin – at 23m30s]