GM Pine attack in the news

The vandalism of a pine plantation containing genetically modified trees has been widely covered in the media, raising the profile of the GM issue in the public eye.

The attack, which occurred over Easter weekend, resulted in the destruction of 375 radiata pines planted by CRI Scion to test herbicide resistance and study reproductive development.

You can read more on the attack and expert commentary from the Science Media Centre here.

The vandalism brings the issue of GM into the public arena, with media reports sourcing comment from numerous scientists and activists.

Examples of coverage include:

TVNZ News: Vandals destroy hundreds of GM pine trees

Daily Post: Scion GM pine trees destroyed by vandals

Radio NZ: Industry condemns destruction of GM trees

NZ Herald: GM attack ‘threatens NZ’s edge’

NewsTalk ZB: GM pine tree security beefed up

NBR: $400,000 damage as intruders wreak GM trial havoc

NZ Herald: GE tree attack: Company vows to replant

Otago Daily Times: Vandals destroy $400,000 of GM trees

Daily Post: Vandals’ $1 million rampage

3 News: GM modified pine trees destroyed in raid

MSN News: Valuable GM info lost with axed trees