ODT: New dyeing process makes wool ‘sexy’

Textiles scientist Stewart Collie talks to the Otago Daily Times about the money-spinning potential of a new wool dyeing process  developed by his team at Agresearch.

An excerpt: (read the full article here)

State science company AgResearch says it will commercialise a wool dyeing process which allows vibrant colouring of wool fabrics and could potentially earn millions of dollars.

The process, developed by AgResearch’s textile science team at Lincoln under the leadership of Dr Stewart Collie, allows for much more flexible marketing of garments.

“It makes wool look and feel sexy,” he said last week.

“It’s a world away from Fred Dagg’s prickly black singlets, and helps bring brightly coloured dyed wool fashion into the 21st century. Judging by the response of New Zealand fashion designers, there’s a great deal of interest in manufacturing patterned wool garments using this technology.”