NBR: Scientists back Campbell in Moon Man quake prediction row

Chris Keall writes in the National Business Review about the controversy over Ken Ring’s claimed prediction of last week’s earthquake (and another on March 20), and scientists’ support of John Campbell in calling out Ring’s predictions as pseudoscience.

Included are comments, gathered by the Science Media Centre from experts, on the subject.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“Some will find Mr Ring’s foray into pseudo-mystical seismology offensive.

“Certainly, Mr Campbell ran out of patience – and, some said, common courtesy – as he interviewed Mr Ring.

“The adverserial nature of the interview saw a public backlash in favour of Mr Ring, who enjoys majority support according to some online polls (whose self-selecting nature is, admittedly, about as scientifically valid as Mr Ring’s theories).

“The Science Media Centre has reacted to the brouhaha not by critiquing Mr Campbell’s etiquette, but by asking experts to give their evaluation of Mr Ring’s lunatic approach.”