3 News: World’s largest tidal power scheme planned for Kaipara

Adam Ray reports for 3 News  about the approval of plans for a giant tidal powerplant  on the seabed of north Auckland’s Kaipara Harbour.

The plan would see up to 200 turbines, each 24 metres high, providing power for some 250,000 homes.  However, there are concerns the powerplant could detrimentally affect marine life in the area.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“The plan is for up to 200 turbines being driven by tidal flow and producing enough power to run every home in Northland.

“But opponents say the project’s real cost has not been counted.

“The sprawling Kaipara is the biggest harbour in the southern hemisphere.

“It could soon claim another record, as the site for the world’s largest tidal power scheme.”