Podcast: FarmsOnLine to aid biosecurity outbreak responses

Five years on from Operation Waiheke, the government’s response to a foot and mouth outbreak on Waiheke Island that turned out to be a hoax, a new information sharing service has been set up to ensure agencies and sector groups can respond in a real outbreak.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) today updated the media on FarmsOnLine, a $3.1 million project to collate data from numerous sources to ensure the Government has the information it needs to tackle a disease outbreak or extreme event facing the agricultural sector.

Click on the player below to listen back to the press conference and Q&A held in Wellington today. FarmsOnLine will go line next March.

Briefing participants:
MAF FarmsOnLine manager Philip Viviers (main speaker)
MAF systems design manager for FarmsOnLine Clifton King (1st speaker in Q&A)
Animal Health Board chief executive William McCook (2nd speaker in Q&A)

Part 1
Part 2