ODT: Government energy policy criticised

Stu Oldham writes in the Otago Daily Times about criticism of government’s Draft NZ Energy Strategy, including that it is unlikely that we will reach the target of 90% renewably generated electricity by 2025.

There are also concerns that the Strategy’s focus on using petroleum and mineral resources could damage New Zealand’s environment, and its ‘green’ reputation.

An excerpt: (read in full here)

“In a briefing to journalists yesterday, Ipenz policy director Tim Davin said the target reaffirmed in the Government’s draft energy strategy was not possible under current market conditions.

“Even if it was assumed all projects under construction or consented were built, renewable sources were likely to contribute only about 68% of the country’s electricity, Mr Davin said during the Science Media Centre briefing.

“Only two scenarios might get New Zealand close to the 90% target (a level last achieved in 1981) and both involved tinkering with the Huntly power station, the “cornerstone” of the country’s on-demand generation.

“It was unlikely the Government could orchestrate either option in the current electricity environment to meet a target inconsistent with the wholesale electricity market system, Mr Davin said.

“Mr Davin and Dr Lloyd criticised the Government’s draft energy and draft energy efficiency and conservation strategies, on which public submissions close today.”