Dr Nik Warrensson: Nibiru arrghh!! We’re all gonna die

From NZSkeptics: Nik discusses the phenomena of Catastrophism, the belief that humanity’s demise is impending. In particular, the notion that on 21 December 2012. a large celestial object will pass near Earth, causing widespread mayhem, a poleshift of 90 degrees and the accompanying return of the “Annunaki”. Mistranslations of Sumerian Cuneiform clay tablets by Zecharia Sitchin led to claims that there is a planet, Nibiru, on a several-thousand-year orbit around our sun and that the Annunaki inhabitants genetically engineered humanity from Homo neanderthal sapiens to Homo sapiens sapiens in order to exploit our labour.

Click below to listen to Dr Warrensson’s presentation to the New Zealand Skeptics Society’s conference August 13 – 15, 2010 in Auckland, New Zealand