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Dr Robert Bartholomew on mass delusions

Posted in Reflections On Science on August 17th, 2010.

From NZSKeptics: Robert is co-author of a number of books about mass hysteria and associated topics, including “Little Green Men, Meowing Nuns and Head-hunting Panics: A Study of Mass Psychogenic Illnesses and Social Delusion”; “UFOs and Alien Contact: Two Centuries of Mystery”; “Hoaxes, Myths and Manias: Why We Need Critical Thinking”; “Exotic Deviance: Medicalizing Cultural Idioms from Strangeness to Illness”; “Panic Attacks – the history of mass delusion”, and “Outbreak!: The Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Social Behavior”. He is currently editing a book on media scares entitled “The Sky is Falling! A Colorful History of Media Panics”.

Click below to listen to Dr Robert Bartholomew’s presentation at the New Zealand Skeptic Society conference, August 13 – 15, Auckland, New Zealand




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