Peter Gluckman on Integrity in Science

Last night, the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, gave a speech about climate change and the debate which continues to swirl around it.

In the speech, entitled Integrity in Science: Implications from and for the Climate Change Debate, he spoke at length about why he believes anthropogenic climate change is happening, what is behind the denialist movement, and the role of the media in the debate.

He also defended NZ’s emissions trading scheme, explaining why it’s something that needs to be done, despite the relatively small impact it will have on global carbon emissions.  As he pointed out:

“If we overestimate, then in 2050 we might find that we have over?invested in climate change mitigation, but most of those mitigation strategies, such as sustainable energy generation, will help to meet our other challenges. The equation is not equal.”

His speech can be read in full here.